FESTWICH… Fastest selling Festwich yet ! It’s all about Family.

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Festwich 2019 Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th July…….

8 years ago Festwich organisers set out with a plan to put on a small tribute festival and invite all those who were interested for Free. Around 4’500 rocked up that special weekend and the rest is as they say, history. 8 years down the line Festwich has proven to be somewhat of a phenomenon, year on year it has grown in attendance with festival goers putting it in their  annual calendars. It’s March 2019 and Festwich takes place in July and there are only 500 Sunday tickets remaining. Unlike other festivals, Festwich offers Free tickets with only the booking fee to pay, making it extremely affordable and popular with families! Festwich is an absolute bargain, with over 30 live bands over 2 days on 2 stages all for just the booking fee. Join 20’000 people over 2 days this July and see for yourselves what the buzz is about ! Grab your tickets here, before it’s too late a REAL DEAL, http://www.festwich.com  …. Whilst tickets last !

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